Ketchikan Salmon Fishing
The largest and most highly prized of the Pacific
salmon in the area, they are found mainly in coastal salt waters. Immature (‘feeder’) kings
are present year-round, but fishing is best from May to mid-August, when king salmon
migrate through Ketchikan waters to spawn in mainland streams.

Alaska salmon fishing charters are the stuff of legend. No trip to the north is complete
without taking a run at one of the most sought after game fish in America. Alaskan wild
salmon are world renown both for their fierce fighting ability and their delicious flesh, which
is considered a true ocean delicacy.

Because Alaska is so large and the fishing competition so heated, it can be a challenge to
decide where to purchase an Alaskan salmon fishing charter. Chances are that any
Alaskan tourist destination will have world-class fishing for either trout, halibut, steelhead,
rockfish or salmon, but in many locations fishing pressure is so great and the anglers so
many that it can detract from a true Alaska salmon fishing charter experience.

Locating king salmon in marine waters can be difficult but with four generations fishing
these waters we have learned the tackle and the tactics to catch these fish. They frequent
nearshore areas off points of land, around kelp beds, or in open water. Schools of baitfish
such as herring or needlefish are good indicators of kings in the area. Baitfish schools may
be located by fathometer or found where concentrations of sea birds are observed diving
for fish. Nearshore areas that extend out into tidal currents are effective ambush points for
feeding baitfish, and,accordingly, for king salmon.

Truly Magnificent King Salmon are yours in the waters around Ketchikan. These are big 20-
70 pound saltwater fish that are still feeding and very much in their prime unlike salmon
caught in rivers. The waters around Ketchikan are natural feeding grounds for these big
Chinooks as they migrate into there river to spawn the. In early summer wide-open feeding
frenzies with double and triple hook-ups are frequent. Our top quality gear for kings
consists of Okuma or Penn level wind reels with  medium action rods and 25lb test line. We
fish for kings by either downrigger trolling artificial lures and bait or drift/slow mooching with
light weights and plug cut herring or small jigs.

It’s never too early to plan your summer salmon fishing adventure! We take
reservations year round. Whether it’s your first trip to Alaska or you have friends
and family visiting, treat yourself to a truly Alaskan fishing experience with
spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife viewing and possibly the catch of a
lifetime! Give us a call to secure your date

Whether you are fishing for a week or for just half a day, take the time to enjoy
the thrill of True Alaskan Fishing

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The Silver Salmon arrive during and after the
king salmon run .These salmon are hard
fighters and popular targets for our fishing
guests. Coho range from 8-15 pounds but
fight just as well pound for pound against any
other fish. Coho are abundant in Ketchikan
waters from July to September.  
In salt water, coho travel in large schools—
they are often aggressive and can provide
intense action. They are usually caught within
30 feet of the surface, but it’s not uncommon
to catch them down to 100 feet or deeper.

The action is often fast and furious with silver
salmon with hook-ups coming as fast as you
can get your bait back in the water. The daily
limit of silvers is more generous than king
salmon, so a limit of silvers usually yields
more weight than a limit of kings. The gear
and techniques we use for silvers are similar
to those used for king fishing.
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Ketchkan Alaska King salmon fishing