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Dear True Alaskan Charters,
A big thank you to one and all for the memories of a trip of a life time. Every aspect of our
stay with you was enjoyable.
From the view outside of our room at the Narrows Inn to the 5 star meals & excellent wait
staff to the great service from the front desk to Cassia's help booking our trip with all my
questions to the best boat captain.
Thank you so much
Brad & Melody
Byron, IL  2010

"Five star experience"
My husband and I took a charter with True Alaskan and Captain Bruce on a recent trip to
Alaska and had a blast! We chose the Salmon and Halibut excursion and had success with
both, but we also caught rock fish and cod by chance. We spent about six hours out on the
water, and snacks and beverages were provided. For all of you ladies out there: there is a
(rustic) bathroom on board! We had minimal fishing experience prior to this, and had as
much success as the weekend warriors we were fishing with. In addition to the fish, we also
spotted bald eagles and a whale. At the end of our excursion, we had the option to have
our fish processed and send it home. I had it sent to my parents, and they had fresh salmon
for dinner two days later. We had a wonderful time and would recommend this trip to all.
Jacksonville FL 2010

Dad 46, mom 45, and twin boys 16 had a great time with Rowdy, the captain. Cassia was
very helpful on the internet answering all of my questions. Really made the trip easy and
they worked around our schedule and even got us lunch. Fun, safe, and up close to nature.
Go for it you won't be disappointed. They're professionals.
Fort Worth, Texas 2010

We used True Alaskan Charters last week. What a great time we had.
We chartered a boat for 6 people. A small bathroom on board was key for our two
daughters 10/12. We caught 7 Salmon. Snacks and drinks were provided as well as a
beautiful scenery, a great captain and just a great time had by all.
Age range was 10-70 and just sitting out there in the beauty of the waters was amazing. I
would highly recommend this professional charter company.
The Robinson family
Maryland 2110

I want to thank you for showing us such a wonderful time. We are still showing off the
picturess and sharing the Salmon with freinds and family, we are keeping the Halibut for our
selves, it's like eating candy.
We are already talking about planing another vacation with you in the next couple years.
Thank you
Tim & Daisy
Delafeild, WI  2010

Hay Bruce and Cassia,

Thanks so much for such a great fishing experence. My dad and I still talk about it on a
daily basis. Hope to do it again in the future.
Thanks again,
Jeff & Mike, 2009


A couple of pictures from the trip, including the Snapper photo.   Garet said he already had
it framed.   Thanks again for your work on the trip.   Hope we get to see you again.
Rob, New York 2009

I wanted to take a minute to say "thank you" to everyone at True Alaskan Charters for
making our trip to Alaska so memorable! We had visited Alaska two previous times and
never did we have the success fishing that we did on our most recent visit. Our luck
changed, however, as all four us (my wife, sister, and brother-in-law) all caught the
maximum allowed. Sean, our captain, was phenomenal! There truly is nothing like
expereincecing the great state of Alaska with someone who was born and raised there.
We cooked our first fillets last night for dinner - out of this world! Our stocked freezer is a
testimonial to the quality of your fishing charters!
Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

Sincerely (back home in Connecticut),
Anthony and Mandy - Derek and Lauren, 2009


Thanks for a great fishing trip.  We all caught lots of fish and the food was superb.  Rowdy
and Hermie are both greaat guides and worked hard to assure that we caught fish.  I will
definitely recommend your outfit to my friends and hope to return myself one day.
Thanks for everything.  
Tom, 2009

Hey we just recived our fish. (holy crap)  Just wanted you guys to know that was our best
vacation ever, and we have traveled the world, we have been alot of places but nothing
compares to alaska. As soon as you need our deposit for next year let us know. And i'm
very serious about that bear hunt in May. Traci sent photo's we hope you recived them.
Once again let Bruce know we had the time of our lives.
Reynolds, Utah 2009

Hello Cassia and Bruce!

… just wanted to thank you for a great three days of heat and fishing (can you believe how
hot it was!!!? I am still peeling from the sun burn!)… was a very fun trip… here are some
pics we shared with our friends and family, and that we brought back 130 lbs of fish!
Norm, AZ 2009

Hi Guys,  just wanted to say thinks again for a great weekend up there with you.  All the
guys here are still pumped and telling all the guys who did not make the trip about all the
fish.  There really jealous so I think I may have to bring a larger group next year.  Love how
you guys are only a hour and a half from Seattle.  I will call you in January to arrange
another weekend for my company.
Eric, Seattle 2008

Cassia and Bruce
Just a few pictures, Cassia, sorry yours was blurred - I moved.  Thank you so much for
going to the max in making our fishing trip a success.  We totally appreciate everything you
did.  we and the fish made it home to Florida.  Best of luck with the new baby.  Sicerely
Michele and Sid, Florida 2008


Thank you so much for the gift and the fishing trip.  We had a great time and Madison was
really nice. If we ever get up that way again we will definitely look you guys up. I will also
recommend you to anyone else who may be visiting.
Chris, Dallas TX 2008

Hi Cassia & Bruce! George Sam & I want to thank you guys for a wonderful fishing
experience. Couldn't have been better. Sam & I arrived home Friday at 2:00p.m. With fish in
perfect shape. We over nighted it in 100 Mile House and was able to put the fish in a
freezer. We have eaten one filet (king) and was it ever good. We will highly recommend you
to all our friends. My brother-in-law Eddy who was unable to make the trip also sends his
best regards. He wants me to thanks you for returning his deposit. He is still in hospital
fighting lung cancer and is having radiation and chemo treatments. Do believe we will have
to make another fishing trip to Ketchikan-perhaps in the coho season. Will call you on your
cell when we are passing through on the cruise ship. That should be around July 22nd.
Hope this finds you keeping busy. Let us know how that young one is doing and when the
time comes whether it is a boy or girl. Again thanks so much for a great time. Our best
regards to both of you.
Ted, BC Canada 2008

Hello Cassia,
Just returned from our great trip to Alaska.  It was great meeting you and our fishing
experience on June 18th was a memorable one.  Our boat captain Madison was
phemonenal and very personable.  Went out of his way to make sure we had the best
chance of catching halibut and we did catch some really nice fish.  Madison insisted on
staying out because we were getting into fish.  Not only did we get 2 great halibut after that
conversation, we were still back by 3:00 pm as was originally discuded.  I would most
definitely fish with you again as well as recommend your service
John T, California 2008

We had such a great time in September we've decided to come back!  We would like to
bring our daughter and her two kids.  The Narrows Inn have great rooms and would like to
stay in the family suite and fish for four days.  See you in August.
Noal and Kippi, Oregon 2007

We had a great time on our fishing trip.  Caught lots of fish.  We really liked Bruce the
owner/captain.  He is superstitious about bananas on his boat and we got a kick out of that
and left them on the dock.
Sandy Florida, 2007

We had a fish feast and it was enjoyed by all at our family BBQ.
Keith, Texas 2007

Hi Bruce and Cassia.  Thank you again for helping our trip to your beautiful town better
then we hoped!  Bruce really went out of his way to make Pat's fishing desires come true.  
Pat has bragging rights with his buddies now.  We had a wonderful time getting to know
both of you.  Thanks again for everything!  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  We're really
bummed that our long planned trip to Ketchikan is over.
Cindy and Pat,  Denver 2007

We returned home last week.  My hubby lives for fishing and specifically wanted to target
halibut in Ketchikan.  We booked with True Alaskan Charters and they were absolutely
wonderful.  Besides catching halibut we also caught salmon and rockfish.  Bruce went out of
his way to make sure we got the fishing trip he's been dreaming of for years.  We have
chartered trips for over 20 years and this is the best one we have ever gone on.  I whole
heartedly recommend T.A.C.
Candy, Florida 2007

Thanks again for helping Rick and I to have a fantastic fishing experience last July.  We
keep our fishing pictures on the fridge for all to see.
Rick and Shirley, Minnesota 2007

Absolutely the best fishing trip we have ever been on! The Narrows Inn was wonderfully and
cozy, with wonderful food and extra friendly staff! You were far superior to any other guide
we've had - and hopefully a good friend for years to come! We are thrilled to have been
allowed such an awesome opportunity.  
Charlotte and Ed, Oregon 2006

We had the trip of a lifetime! Awesome place! Great people and great fishing! It was grand!
Thanks for all the memories!
Doug, Sioux Falls 2006

Bruce - what a guide! More than a fishing trip, just an incredible experience! You just can't
describe this to anyone who has not experienced this. Thank you again.
Charles, Miami 2006

There is no way we can express how much such a special experience means to us. We will
remember this day on the water forever. And, of course, thanks for helping make this such
a special week for the family.
The Kirby's, Midland 2006

Hello Bruce and Cassia at True Alaskan Charters. Our fish made it home on same
plane as us, so that made our day. All our friends are enjoying halibut and salmon too.
Thank you for your great hospitality and everything.
The Randall's, Florida  2006

Your hard work and "flexibility" on scheduling made our trip a wonderful experience. Heck,
the fact that we all came back still friends is a testament to a job well done on your part!
Many of us are already scheduled to come back for that experience again next year. This
time, instead of researching for months we just told the wives....we are going back to visit
you.  Thanks, and can't wait to do it all again next year.
Bob, Nick and Robert, Mobile 2006

Bruce and Cassia, can't thank you enough for the trips. We have been pigging out on all
the fish. I ended up with 66 lbs. of Halibut thanks to you...I think of Alaska everyday,
beautiful place, but far away from Alabama!
Don and Sue, Alabama 2006

Bruce, as you know I have fished all over the world at many different lodges. It is obvious
that the small size and expertise of your organization eliminates confusion which translates
to productivity - that is more time on the water and more fish. You are as they say in
business a "focused" professional group
Edward, Seattle 2006

Bruce and Cassia, thank you so much for the wonderful fishing trip.  My arms are still sore.  
You defiantly made Ketchikan the best stop on our cruise.  Oh Cassia, can I please get the
recipe to that wonderful salmon dip.  I want to make some for my family with the salmon we
caught. -
Cindy, Boston Mass.  2006
Thank you for all the great words.  And we will see you again!
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