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Thank you to the Narrows Inn staff and True Alaskan Charters, we had a wonderfull week.  
Great food, a room with a view, excellent fishing and a once in a lifetime whale experience.  
We sure miss your 70 degree weather!
Samuel and Amy, Ohio 2011

Captain Bruce, my family and I had the best fishing and crab feast with you guys.  You
went out of your way to ut the crab traps out so we could dine on the freshest crab there
is.  My boys loves helping leaning the crabs with you.  What a treat.
Walterson, Iowa 2011

Thank you and our great Captain Robert. Tell him he will always be our captain.  Food
great, rooms great, fishing spectacular.  Take care and tell your son Bear we miss him.
From your Yankee fans!
Schneiders, New York 2011

Cassia, I appreciate your advice and help on the flights to Alaska.  What a trip.  You made
everything so easy.  From getting to the lodge, the meals, and getting all of our fish home.
Thank you again for such great hospitality.
Ewings, Colorado 2011

Bruce and Cassia our first day on the water was cold and raining but what a catch.  You
live in such an amazing place where the fish and eagles are everywhere.  Highlight was the
flightseeing to the Misty Fjords with Carlin Air. Thanks for setting that up.  What a beautiful
place you call home and can not wait to come back.  Please send some of your recipes for
us to try.  Salmon and halibut is going to be part or our dinners for a long time.
Lopez, CA 2011

Thanks for such a great time and putting us on the fish.  We will make it back again.
Randy Nixon, Georgia 2011

Bruce and Robert,  Thanks for the fish. It was a blast that all our buddies are jealous from.  
Did you find that beer.  
Sean Cambell, Montana 2011
Thank you for all the great words.  And we will see you again!
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