Locating king salmon in marine waters can be difficult but with four generations of
Ketchikan fishing  we have learned the tackle and the tactics to catch these fish.
Along with the King salmon, Silvers, Chum, Sockeye, and Pink are available to the sport

Other Tasty Bottomfish
Lingcod are extremely aggressive
and provide an excellent fight. Once
landed, they provide a tasty meal.
Because of these characteristics,
lingcod are highly sought by
recreational anglers throughout the
Ketchikan area . Lingcod are voracious predators and can grow to weigh over 80
pounds.  Red Snapper, and dozens of other Rockfish also are caught on a frequent

Alaska Fishing Calender

Ketchikan fishing at it's best, that is what we try to give each of our guests.  If you are looking for an
Alaskan fishing lodge or on a Alaska cruise, let us show you a True Alaskan Fishing Adventure.
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Alaska Salmon Fishing  - Alaska Halibut Fishing  -  Alaskan Fishing Lodge
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Alaskan Halibut Fishing
Alaska provides anglers with the largest Halibut found
anywhere in the World!
We specialize in Alaska Halibut Fishing! These fish are
huge! Halibut battles can be the greatest rush you'll
ever have.
Alaska Halibut Fishing in Alaska is a very popular activity,
with over 65 percent of the effort and harvest occurring in
SE Alaska.

The halibut taken by sport anglers are generally
20 to 30 pounds in weight; however, fish over 100 pounds
are frequently caught. The current Alaska fishing state
record for a sport-caught halibut is 450 pounds.  The
largest Halibut caught on our charter last year weighed in at
a 198 lbs.  Full bag limits are the norm on our Alaska fishing
charter.  The huge numbers of Alaska's halibut fishery
becomes perfectly evident onboard an Alaska Halibut fishing
charter. To most fishermen around the world a successful
fishing trip is measured by the number of bites, number of
hookups, or number of fish that were landed.

Alaska halibut fishing is a whole different story. Our success
is measured in pounds.... hundreds of pounds. A strong
swimmer, having a halibut tugging on your line is an
experience an angler will soon not forget.
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Alaska Salmon Fishing
The king salmon is Alaska's state fish and is one of the most important sport and
commercial fish native to the Pacific coast of North America. It is the
largest of all Pacific salmon, with weights of individual fish commonly exceeding 30
pounds. The Chinook salmon is perhaps the most highly prized sport fish in Alaska and
is extensively fished by anglers in the Ketchikan.  Ketchikan also called the salmon
capitol of the world has had some of the greatest runs on record in recent years.
Coho or also called Silver Salmon are smaller then the
King Salmon but make up for there smaller size by there
tenacity, fiercness and acrobatic skills.  Silver salmon
weigh on an average of 8 to 15 lbs The possesion or
bag limit is six per person in SE Alaska.Full limits are
usually a slam-dunk during the peak season or July and
August, and can provide non-stop excitement. Huge
runs of Silvers run through are waters starting in July
and going through till October.
Alaska salmon fishing is the stuff of legend. No trip to
the north is complete without taking a run at one of the
most sought after game fish in America. Alaskan wild
salmon are world renown both for their fierce fighting
ability and their delicious flesh, which
is considered a true ocean delicacy.
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It’s never too early to plan your summer Alaska fishing
vacation! We take reservations year round. Whether it’s
your first trip to Alaska or you have friends
and family visiting, treat yourself to a true Alaskan fishing
experience with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife
viewing and possibly the catch of a lifetime! Give us a call
to secure your date.

Whether you are fishing for a week or for just half a day,
take the time to enjoy the thrill of True Alaskan Fishing.

Contact us today
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Enjoy the thrill of Alaska Fishing

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