World! We specialize in Halibut Fishing! These fish are huge! Halibut battles
can be the greatest rush you'll ever have

Our success is measured in pounds.... hundreds of pounds.

The most popular bottomfish for our guests because of its size and flavor. Alaskan halibut
is a toothy flatfish resembling a flounder, but it grows much larger— halibut over 300
pounds have been caught locally. Halibut live more than 20 years and are usually
harvested in area sport fisheries at 15 to 100 pounds (40-50 pounds average).

Their preferred habitat is along fairly flat sand, rock, or mud bottoms near abrupt dropoffs
or rocky points of land. Peak fishing is in May thru September. Though normally caught on
or near the ocean floor at depths below 150 feet, halibut are sometimes caught at
shallower depths by anglers trolling or mooching for salmon.  Use caution when landing
and handling halibut—some anglers prefer to dispatch a large halibut with a hand-gun
before boating it. I  prefer my trusty gaff, or for those barndoors a shark hook attached to a
strong rope and float.

The huge numbers of Alaska's halibut fishery becomes perfectly evident onboard an
Alaska Halibut fishing charter. To most fishermen around the world a successful fishing trip
is measured by the number of bites, number of hookups, or number of fish that were

Alaska halibut fishing is a whole different story. Our success is measured in pounds....
hundreds of pounds.

It’s never too early to plan your summer halibut fishing adventure! We take
reservations year round. Whether it’s your first trip to Alaska or you have friends
and family visiting, treat yourself to a truly Alaskan fishing experience with
spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife viewing and possibly the catch of a
lifetime! Give us a call to secure your date

Whether you are fishing for a week or for just half a day, take the time to enjoy the
thrill of True Alaskan Fishing

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